Thursday, March 21, 2013

Track Plan Version 1.0

Scale: 1:87.1 (HO)

Track: Code 83

Min. Radius:  18"

Turnouts:  #6

Here is my first version of the track plan for the new layout I will be building.  I have been a fan of David Barrow's domino method for many years and decided to go with it again for the new layout.  Portability is important since the house I will be living in is a church parsonage.  The above track plan is based on David Barrow's version of the Cat Mountain and Santa Fe designed for the 1996 issue of Model Railroad Planning.  I had to modify the plan to fit the layout room footprint.

The theme of this layout will be an industrial branch located in the town of Owensville, Missouri.  In real life, the town was only served by the Rock Island Railroad and was fairly small with just a few industries.  The fictional version of Owensville will be much larger than the actual town.  My version of history had the town grow very large due to competition of the Rock Island with the Owensville Terminal Railroad (OTRR).  The OTRR also had nearby connections with the Missouri Pacific and Frisco railroadsWith abundant rail connections and service, industries flocked to Owensville.  

The name of the industrial district is called OASISOASIS stands for Owensville Agricultural Switching and Industrial Services.  OASIS is controlled by the OTRR.  The Rock Island Railroad has access to the district through an interchange track.  Service to the majority of industries is provided by the OTRR, but a few of them receive service from the Rock.  A great number of the industries located on the line will be related to the AG business.

Well, that is the plan so far.  Of course it is always subject to change.

Happy modeling!


Thursday, March 7, 2013