Saturday, May 11, 2013

It Has Arrived!

Today I received the On30 Bachmann Rail Bus I won on eBay this past Tuesday.  

A really neat looking train!  I ran it back and forth a few times on the HO scale Rural Grain Dealers layout I am building.  I'm giving some thought to converting the layout over to O scale, but more than likely I will build a new micro layout to house the rail bus.  I am also debating on whether to build a room-sized layout in On30 or HO scale.  The jury is still out, but the rail bus has me giving On30 some serious consideration.  

The On30 bug has bit hard, and the infection is starting to spread.  

Stay tuned!

Happy Modeling!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You’ve Just Entered…The On30 Zone

Yep.  It has happened.  I am now officially into On30.  Well, kind of anyway.

I was checking out some On30 stuff on eBay and decided to bid on a Bachmann Rail Bus.  I low-balled my highest bid amount.  I figured I had NO chance of winning at that price.  SURPRISE!!!  I won it without anyone offering a counter bid, so I got the rail bus for less than my highest bid amount.  How cool is that?!

Now comes the task of designing an On30 layout to fit in my 11’ x 11’ hobby room.  Any ideas?


Happy Modeling!


P.S.  I will post a photo of the model when it arrives.