Monday, June 27, 2016

A New Layout in the Works

I have been thinking about several different options for a room-sized layout over the last four months. Everything from On30, Toy Train, and micro layouts.  I have decided to go back to my old freelanced model railroad company, the Owensville Terminal Railroad and HO scale.

Designed using SCARM

View of Stephenson Yard 

Das Station and Oak Hill 

The track plan for the Stephenson Branch is in the very early stages of development (see photos).   The concept is one I have thought about many times, but a recent railfanning trip has set my mind in this direction.  I had the opportunity to drive along an old branch line in southern Missouri which still handles grain traffic from local elevators.  This is my favorite type of railroad scene, and I have decided to pursue this type of operation on my fictitious branch line.

This track plan will surely change in the future as I begin building the new layout.  I am seriously considering using either code 70 or code 83 track for the layout.  This will require a major outlay of cash since I have little code 83 and no code 70 track on hand.  I still have a ton of code 100 track lying about from a previous layout, so it may get the nod in order to save on cost.  No final decision on the track yet.

I have also assembled the benchwork, and it has been in place for several months to test the room's functionality with other activities.  I am pleased with the arrangement so far.

Happy modeling

Monday, June 6, 2016

Diving into Gn15

This article was originally posted on my Micro Model Railroad Cartel Blog:

Going to try my hand at Gn15, or better to say 1/24 scale.  I am currently working on a loco kitbash from an old HO Model Power Hustler switcher.  The loco is not based on any particular prototype, but is something generic from several examples of Gn15 locos I have looked up on Google.  I still need to add a front grill plate to the loco, but am still giving some thought on what type of grill I want.  I also purchased the 1/24 scale figure off of eBay with arms still needing to be attached!!

I ordered some side-dump wagons, couplers, and coupling links w/chains from Shapeways.  These are from Tom Bell's TB Shapeways Store.  I am really pleased with how well these printed out items look.  The next step is to add wheel sets, assemble couplers, and paint.

The above items will one day run on a new micro layout I am currently in the process of planning.  It will feature a mining scene from a location close to where I live.  More information will hopefully be coming along in the near future.

Happy Modeling!