Thursday, October 13, 2016

Introducing the Wescott Mine and Mill Railway

My Gn15 project is slowly progressing and I want to share the theme of this new layout with all of you.

Wescott Mine & Mill Railway
Wescott Mine & Mill Railway Logo

Building up the roadbed for the finalized track arrangement. 

This micro layout is not based on any particular prototype mining railroad,  but is based on past mining operations in my local area.

Barite (tiff in local parlance) was hand mined and processed by several small (2 or 3 people) mining operations that operated in Washington County, Missouri. The mined barite was carted to market by mules and wagons.  A railway operation was utilized in the 20th century, but it no longer exists.  A couple of video clips exist and can be found in the YouTube link below.

More information on barite mining can be found by visiting these sites:

Happy modeling!