Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finally Finished

Reaghan Feed Mill (Railroad Kits)

I finally got around to finishing this craftsman structure kit from Railroad I started it back in September of 2010.  Why did it take so long to build? It certainly was not the kit's fault! I found myself getting busy with other model railroad projects and this kit found its way on the back burner.  I decided a few days ago it was time to finish it.  I started adding final trim pieces on Thursday and finished weathering it this afternoon.

This was a great kit to build. I really enjoyed the process.  I will also be building a diorama to house this kit and plan on finishing it before the end of least that's the plan!!!

Oh, a little info about the name, Murry Christmas Feed and Seed. Murray's wife insisted on the building being painted red with green trim. She thinks it's a cute idea since their last name is "Christmas."  Murray has no comment since it's best to keep the peace!

Happy modeling!