A New Project for a New Year

I have decided to make a change to my H0 scale layout, The Owensville Terminal OASIS District. I am adding a shelf extension to the left side of the layout that will curve around a wall corner and connect to another shelf (8" x 96"). My Wetterau Food Services Micro Layout will be on that shelf. The micro layout will now be part of my home layout. It will be utilized as a destination for a local working south out of Fourth Street Yard (OASIS District).

Plan & Progress as of January 9, 2024

Track plan for the new arrangement 

WFS set up on new shelf.

Staging section: This will be a hidden staging area that will have a low-level fascia panel installed in the front. 

I am using the 16" tail track section on the left side of the WFS currently, but I could change this out with a 24" section with another industry. For my current operating scheme, the original tail track is sufficient. 

I finished construction of the removable staging section, and have connected the WFS with the OASIS District layout. Everything tested out perfectly.

Making a test run of the staging area track before gluing it down. Success! 

I currently have no plans to do any scenery work on the staging section. Maybe a coat of gray or black paint. Not much will be needed since it will hidden behind a fascia panel. Time to work on an operating scheme and conduct rail operations!