Wescott Mine and Mill Build 4

I'm working again on an old micro layout I started back in 2016. It has been sitting in a garage for the last 3 years. I brought it inside and started working on plastering the baseboard. I used patching plaster to fill in the areas around the rock castings I installed back in 2018. I also carved several of the rock faces as the patching plaster dried. Next, I colored the rock surfaces.

The soil in Washington County, Missouri is quite red due to high clay content. The red soil is very stark when viewed on location. I used a burnt umber as my primary color on the rock surfaces to give them a reddish tint. This is much more pleasing to the eye than the actual rock color of the prototype location.

Patching plaster applied 

Leopard Spotting with acrylic paints 

Yellow ochre applied 

Raw umber and burnt umber applied

Black wash applied 

I'll be adding additional scenery materials in the near future instead of waiting another 3 years to work on it. 😀