Economy Line Wiring

I spent the better part of day wiring the layout. I took my time with this step, unlike my early days in the hobby when I would rush to get things ruuning.

I rigged up the Atlas Selectors (on a temporary basis) to test out the wiring. I used bullet and spade connecters for the connections. The selector wiring looks like a rat's nest, but that will be rearranged after I build a control panel to house the Atlas Selectors. 

Dorin Yard

Everything tested well except for track 2 of the yard. It turns out I didn't have a screw fully set down on the Atlas Selector, so a quick tightening of the screw and track 2 is up and running.

I'll be testing out the track further as well as working out a few operating schemes. I'll be adding an additional power pack to the layout in the future. For now, the Atlas Selectors will serve as just on/off switches so I can park a couple of locomotives on the layout. 

Three of the four locomotives I own